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In this interview, Dr Igor Pravst, leader of the first work area in the CLYMBOL project, presents the research conducted so far and shares some preliminary results about the history of use and the current prevalence of health claims and symbols on the European market.

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Dr Igor Pravst – Leader of Work Package 1 – Department of Animal Science, University of Ljubljana (Slovenia)
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Dr Igor Pravst is Head of research group Healthy nutrition at the Nutrition Institute (NUTRIS) in Ljubljana, Slovenia. NUTRIS focusses on research into functional foods, food labeling and in particular consumers’ use of nutrition and health claims.

Born in Kranj, Slovenia, Igor holds a PhD in chemistry from the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia and his areas of research expertise include food composition and the function of food constituents in human health. In 2012 he was appointed assistant professor in Food Chemistry, at Higher School of Applied Sciences, and in 2014 as assistant professor in nutrition, at the Biotechnical Faculty, University of Ljubljana. He has authored numerous peer-reviewed articles on nutrition-related topics in renowned journals such as Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition, Molecular Nutrition & Food Research and Food Policy. Igor is a member of the Slovenian Board for food safety.