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Here you will find the latest news from the CLYMBOL project.

CLYMBOL @ the Danish Meal Partnership initiative

August 20 2013 - Violeta Stefan (Aarhus University) is invited to speak at an event organised by the Danish Meal Partnership group in Copenhagen. She will give a presentation entitled ''Consumer understanding of health claims: A methodological perspective'' and present the CLYMBOL project and work area 3.  

CLYMBOL @ the 5th International Fresenius Conference

June 17 2013 - CLYMBOL’s project coordinator, Dr Sophie Hieke (EUFIC), is one of the speakers at the 5th International Fresenius Conference on nutrition and health claims in Mainz, Germany. She presents CLYMBOL and the research framework.

See an overview of the event here.

CLYMBOL @ the ''Milk, Nutritious by Nature'' symposium

June 3-5 2013 - During the 3-day “Milk, Nutritious by Nature” symposium organised by the European Milk Forum (EMF) in 3 different cities (Copenhagen, Brussels, the Hague), Prof Wim Verbeke (Ghent University) will introduce CLYMBOL and speak about consumer information and education with respect to healthy eating.

See the agenda for all three days here.

CLYMBOL meets the Dairy Council for Northern Ireland

May 3 2013 - Prof Wim Verbeke (Ghent University) presents the CLYMBOL project at the “Nutrition & Health: What’s new?” conference organised by the Dairy Council for Northern Ireland in Belfast.