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Here you will find the latest news from the CLYMBOL project.


May 27 2014 - CLYMBOL has been invited to attend the General Assembly Meeting of the European Food Information Resource Association (EuroFIR) in Brussels. Dr Sophie Hieke (EUFIC) presents the project and some preliminary findings and discusses the possibility for collaboration between CLYMBOL and EuroFIR.

See the agenda here.

CLYMBOL meets the Danish Meal Partnership initiative

March 17 2014 - Prof Klaus G. Grunert and Violeta Stefan (Aarhus University) attend an expert group meeting organised by the Danish meal partnership group in Copenhagen. They present CLYMBOL research and discuss research into consumer understanding of health claims.

CLYMBOL @ ELC's 30-year anniversary

November 26 2014 - CLYMBOL has been invited as a keynote speaker to the 30-year anniversary of the Federation of European Specialty Food Ingredients Industries (ELC) in Brussels. Dr Sophie Hieke (EUFIC) speaks about consumer understanding of health claims and presents the CLYMBOL project.

See an overview of the event here.

CLYMBOL @ the 5th Austrian Milk Forum in Graz

November 21 2013 - Prof Wim Verbeke (Ghent University) presents the CLYMBOL project at the 5th Austrian Milk Forum (Österreichisches Milchforum) in Graz, Austria.

See an overview of the event here.