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Here you will find the latest news from the CLYMBOL project.

CLYMBOL meets Taiex

May 26-27 2014 - Dr Igor Pravst (University of Ljubljana) attends a workshop on nutrition and health claims organised by the Technical Assistance and Information Exchange (Taiex) instrument of the European Commission in Skopje, Macedonia. He presents the CLYMBOL project and discusses preliminary results.

See an overview of the event here.

CLYMBOL @ the 6th International Fresenius Conference

May 13-14 2014 - Project coordinator Dr Sophie Hieke (EUFIC) speaks about consumer research into health claims, including preliminary findings of the CLYMBOL project, at the 6th International Fresenius Conference in Frankfurt, Germany.

See an overview of the event here.

CLYMBOL meets the Nordic Consumer Council

May 13 2014 - Dr Laura Fernàndez-Celemín (EUFIC) speaks about CLYMBOL during her presentation at a conference organised by the Nordic Consumer Council in Oslo.

What is the project CLYMBOL about?

Interviews with CLYMBOL researchers: Dr Sophie Hieke, the Principal Coordinator of CLYMBOL, and Prof Klaus G. Grunert, the Scientific Advisor to the project, describe project outcomes and relevance of the research.