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Here you will find the latest news from the CLYMBOL project.

CLYMBOL recommendations on the use of methodologies

October 22 2015 - As part of work area 3, CLYMBOL researchers have reviewed methodologies to assess consumer understanding of health claims and symbols as well as their effects on purchase and consumption behaviour. A select number of methods were tested and validated to derive recommendations on which methods to use to best answer a number of research questions.

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When does an image become a health claim?

October 10 2015 - Images on food packaging might lead people—appropriately or inappropriately—to infer the health benefits of those products.

The CLYMBOL study, led by Naomi Klepacz of the University of Surrey and Dr Robert Nash of Aston University, was just accepted in Health Psychology and will be available online soon. CLYMBOL researchers could show that...


CLYMBOL @ EXPO Milano 2015

July 3 2015 - Project coordinator, Dr Sophie Hieke (EUFIC) was invited to the conference organised by the European Commission (DG SANTE): “Nutrition, Health and Food Information - Know what you eat” at the EXPO 2015. She is a panellist in the session “Food information to consumers and its impact on consumer behaviour”, together with project partner Dr Monique Raats (University of Surrey).

See the agenda here.


June 18 2015 - Project coordinator, Dr Sophie Hieke (EUFIC) was invited to chair the session on health claims ("Positioning health foods to nowadays experienced consumers: do they still believe in claims?") at the NUTREVENT conference in Lille, France.

Project partners Dr Monique Raats (University of Surrey) and Dr Léon Jansen (Schuttelaar & Partners) spoke about CLYMBOL work in this session.

See the agenda here.