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Here you will find the latest news from the CLYMBOL project.

New publications are available!

June 15 2016 - "CLYMBOL feature in Agro FOOD Industry Hi Tech"

CLYMBOL researchers have published two articles in Agro FOOD Industry Hi Tech’s special focus issue on health claims. We were further invited to write the editorial to this issue! The magazine is available in print and online, and all articles can be accessed for free, after registration.

Editorial: "What role is there for health-related information to guide consumer behaviour?" (Sophie Hieke, Igor Pravst, Klaus G. Grunert) click here.

Updates on the CLYMBOL project: "What is the role of health-related claims and symbols in consumer behaviour?" (Sophie Hieke, Tamara Cascanette, Igor Pravst, Asha Kaur, Hans van Trijp, Wim Verbeke, Klaus G Grunert) click here.

Results from our work on public health needs: "Do health and nutrition claims meet consumers’ health needs?” (Asha Kaur, Sophie Hieke, Mike Rayner) click here.

The new CLYMBOL podcasts have arrived!

May 17 2016 - Are you interested in more results from CLYMBOL research, on how health claims and symbols affect consumers in their food choice? We have recorded interviews with some of our lead researchers where they explain their findings - just for you! Click here to access and listen to all our podcasts.  

New publication: Prevalence of Nutrition and Health-Related Claims on Pre-Packaged Foods

March 3 2016 - CLYMBOL researchers just published another article on their research into health claims and symbols, titled "Prevalence of Nutrition and Health-Related Claims on Pre-Packaged Foods: A Five-Country Study in Europe", in the journal Nutrients.

The paper is open access and can be downloaded here.

New Publication: Consumers' Exposure to Nutrition and Health Claims on Pre-Packed Foods

November 13 2015 - CLYMBOL researchers from Slovenia use sales weighting to assess local food supply. The study 'Consumers' Exposure to Nutrition and Health Claims on Pre-Packed Foods' is now published in the journal Nutrients.

Read the open access paper which was carried out using funding from CLYMBOL.